About Us

Sibu Spices (Passion with Creativity)

SIBU Spices & Herbs are passionately created especially for the food connoisseur and lovers of food. Spices blended with herbs and condiments have an aroma and flavor akin to fragrances. These ready to use ground spices have a unique taste and quality.

Each spice mixture is developed based on 65 years of passion and devotion with esteem care to preserve the Indian & Muglai traditions. Age old herbs, roots, seeds and leaves are blended together to give a unique tick and flavors to SIBU Spices.

Using widely traveled experiences all over the world and deeply inspired by mogul food traditions, their Indian cousins and Mediterranean Culinary expertise these spices are developed for vegetarian and meat dishes. Sibu spices are developed with a ready to use technology that incorporates all ingredients for the health and taste conscious foodies who are perpetually hunting to satisfy their ever greedy toungs.

Rubs & Seasonings are created both for spicy and non-spicy conscious foodies gourmand specially created for gastronomes who love to Grill and Barbeque. Special top qualities of herbs and condiments have been used to maintain the international quality standards. The epicurean desire to give justice to their taste- buds end with Sibu Spices & Herbs.

The ultimate Goal of Sibu Spices is to Sing Songs and keep Swinging while cooking.