Returns/ Refund Policy offers finest customer shopping experience and we are bound to give you satisfaction in our products as well as with our services. This is backed by our returns and refund policy:

If a product arrives in damaged condition such as broken bottle or packaging or if the contents have spoiled then buyers may claim replacement or full refund within 15 days from the date of delivery. We will ship replacement free of charge or refund entire amount provided we are satisfied of the authenticity and veracity of the claim. If such claims are not genuine then we reserve the right to reject claims and we will not accept demands for refunds. In case we permit returns then you are entitled to full refund or for replacement for which you will have to place another order after putting in the claim for refund and provided such refund is admitted by the company.

Buyers may cancel an order once placed. If payment is made then payment will be refunded in full through the same mode through which you made payment. It may take time of a week or so for the transaction to show in your account.  Even once the goods are shipped customers have the choice to not take delivery. In that case we refund amount in full and take back the consignment.

Be aware that we are cognizant of the fact that some buyers try to take advantage of this policy by claiming to not have received the item or having received the wrong ones. We investigate all such fake claims and take action.

Help us refine our policy by providing your inputs. We listen to customers.